About Us

For anyone, starting a small business is a risky venture. It takes countless hours of hard work, dedication, and the investment of personal finances. Starting a business in the legal cannabis industry faces obstacles beyond those of startups in any other industry, namely uncertainty with banking, taxes, and regulations. There is no bailout coming if the regulations change or laws fail to appease the public demand for legal cannabis products. For me, personally, I risk a respected career in the corporate world – a career that puts a roof over my head and provides medical insurance for my family. If this business fails, I may never find another corporate job because of my association with the cannabis industry.

So why have I decided to take this risk? This business is a reflection of your choices as much as it is a reflection of mine. Your activism has created a demand for legal edible cannabis products. Consumers take risks whether using cannabis medically or recreationally, even where it is legal. You can still lose your job for being a cannabis consumer. Cannabis businesses often cannot utilize the banking system to serve their How to make ediblescustomers. I will continue to advocate for loosened restrictions nationwide. My activism is realized in the formation of this company. My activism openly embraces legal cannabis and supports adults who want to enjoy it safely and responsibly in their preferred methods. Whether you use cannabis as natural medicine or for spending a hangover free night with friends (all in accordance with local and state laws, of course), there is plenty of scientific evidence that cannabis use is less harmful than alcohol, opioids, and even Tylenol. And in the best case scenario, research points to benefits in the treatment of Crohn’s disease, seizures, PTSD, chronic pain, and more. Like the residents and legislatures of 24 states, I believe the use of cannabis is a personal choice, and I will continue to advocate for legalization and federal declassification of cannabis as a Schedule I drug.

In the corporate world, I have served as a trainer, educator, and advocate for employees all of my career. With EDIYBLES, I bring those same skills to simplify the seemingly complicated equipment and tasks needed to make easy, tasty, and safe cannabis treats at home (it’s really not that hard with the right process!). I’ve partnered with the best suppliers of at-home cannabis baking products. I’ve tested and documented the easiest, fastest, and most effective process to make these treats. I’ve considered sizing and dosage concerns. And, being a mother myself, I’ve thought about safe storage of your treats.

As an educator, I’ll be writing a blog containing tips and tricks on topics like safe consumption, simple baking and infusion techniques, recipes, and more. I am excited to send the message that consenting adults are capable of responsible use and handling of edibles.

As excited as I am, it’s risky to start this business. But I have one extra piece of edibles for pain managementmotivation: Toni. Like a sister to me, Toni had always felt as strongly about legalization as I have. When she fatefully decided to refuse treatment after her third, inoperable cancer diagnosis, she knew Maryjane would get her through to the end, just as she always had in good times, too. Except that the smoking became too difficult, so she asked me to research baking with vaped material (aka ABV) she had been saving. At first, I was nervous. I didn’t want to blow her stash on some failed baking project. But Toni encouraged me, and I experimented with different materials, equipment, and techniques to make the best homemade products for her. Her mother would later tell me that Toni could only make it out of the house some days because of the edibles. She said that Toni so wished we could open a legal cannabis bakery together one day. We all knew it was not meant to be, but EDIYBLES is the evolution of those early conversations Toni and I had about starting an edibles business. So, when I think of the risks involved in starting this company, I think of Toni and how proud she would be that I am able to help people safely make and consume home baked cannabis goods.

I want EDIYBLES to be more than just a cannabis startup. I want EDIYBLES to show the world what thoughtful, educated, responsible cannabis consumers look like. I want to show the world that women can be leaders of a brand new industry. I am also incredibly excited to help others join the industry through our EDIYBLES Advisor program. We are currently looking for Advisors in Ohio, but I will invest expanding to other states if we receive interest from you!

Yes, this small business is a risky venture for sure. But I believe I can build a family-friendly company that educates and advocates for its customers. With you in mind, I have curated the thoughtful, practical EDIYBLES Equipment and Mix Kits, which are comprised of everything you need to safely and easily bake at home with cannabis. I’ve been a first-time baker standing in my kitchen struggling with the process and equipment. I’ve scoured the internet for tips and tricks for getting the best tasting, most effective foods. And I want to share my knowledge so you can get it right on the first try – without wasting any cannabis!

I’m also interested in your comments about the effectiveness of the educational resources on this site. Please contact me at la.dawson@ediybles.com with your remarks. I will also use your comments to build an FAQ page on this site.

So, that’s my story of why I’m risking it all to start a business in the cannabis industry. I hope you’ll take a risk and trust my promise that I can teach you to make and consume tasty, safe cannabis edibles at home with the EDIYBLES Equipment and Mix Kits

Thank you for your support as we shape the future of the legal cannabis industry. 


l.a. dawson