CHUBE Grinder

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Product Overview

This air tight, odor-proof, water-resistant silicone herb grinder holds up to 6 grams of plant material so you can quickly grind your toasted cannabis in one easy step prior to infusion.

This portable silicone air tight, smell proof, water resistant herb grinder will fit right in your pocket with ease. This game changing grinder is a huge leap forward in the evolution of herb grinders.

CHUBE is made from tough silicone which is almost unbreakable. This toughness is what makes CHUBE a superb grinder. Placed between your hands or rolled across a hard surface, the CHUBE makes light work of any bud.

CHUBE is designed to keep all those unwanted smells inside. The silicone lid seals your herb in, keeping it fresh to use any time. This will keep your herb nice and dry with it's water resistant body. Virtually indestructible.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review