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Why EDIYBLES Mix Kits Are Different - Contains allergen information for Extra Strength Enhancer Powder 

One of the questions I often receive is Why can’t I just buy my favorite boxed mix or use a homemade recipe with my infused butter?

Of course, the infusions you make with the EDIYBLES Equipment Kit can be used with any recipe that calls for infused butter, peanut butter, or coconut oil. Nothing is stopping you from enjoying your homemade infusions with boxed and from-scratch mixes. But will your infusions be as potent* as you want them to be? Will all of your neighbors smell the cannabis toasting in the oven when you make them? If you use EDIYBLES Mix Kits, you will be assured of a consistent result every time you cook.

When I made my first batches of homemade edibles, I did a lot of research. One of the things that continued to show up in the recipes was lecithin powder. Why? According to High TimesWhaxy, and other publications, small quantities of lecithin powder increase the potency of cannabis infusions. Simple enough, I thought. I’ll just run to the store and find it. Two days later, after visiting health food and upscale grocery stores all over the region with no luck, I found myself ordering a one pound bag online. That’s equal to enough lecithin powder for 32 batches of 24 edibles. I was sure I wouldn’t use anywhere near that amount (nor did I before I threw it away), but I bought it anyway. To ensure my efforts were worth the time, I created separate infusions - one without the powder, and one that included it. In an experiment amongst friends, true to what I had read, the batch containing lecithin powder proved more potent and effective than the one without. With my experiment and research in hand, I believed lecithin powder contributed to homemade edibles success. The Infusion Booster packet in EDIYBLES Mix Kits was born – in a convenient, single-serve pouch.

Now, I know this sounds great. Because who wouldn’t want more potent edibles? Still, I have received a number of questions about the fact that the Infusion Booster packet contains soy. Certainly, if you or anyone who may eat your homemade edibles is allergic to soy, do not use the packet when making the infusion. However, if you have general questions about using soy products in your infusion, please check out the latest scientific research from 2017. Because I have personally used soy in my cooking for years, I have been following the research and feel comfortable using it. And after seeing how critical it is for producing more potent edibles, I decided to include a food grade Infusion Booster packet with every Mix Kit.

I also chose to include an Odor Trapping Toasting Bag with every Mix Kit. If you’ve never toasted cannabis in the oven (aka decarboxylation), you may not realize that it can stink up your entire house. That can be a major turn-off for anyone, especially apartment dwellers and folks with kids. While you may be tempted to skip this step to ensure the neighbors remain unaware of your cannabis cooking activities, per Leafly, it is the most crucial step in the entire infusion process. To encourage you to stick with the process - but without all the smell – I incorporated the Toasting Bag so you can trap the odors instead of dispersing them throughout your home.

I really did try to think of everything so you don’t have to! I can’t wait for you to try my process and recipes. You won’t be disappointed with the results.

Buy an EDIYBLES Equipment Kit and your favorite mixes to make infused treats whenever you please. Sure, you could try an ordinary boxed mix, but EDIYBLES Mix Kits – when paired with an EDIYBLES Equipment Kit - contain everything you need to create potent, delicious cannabis-infused candies and baked goods safely and simply.